This is Yeshua The Messiah


Hebrew is beautiful and poetic and musical and this is how to pronounce His name. His name is beautiful like His Father’s Name is beautiful and don’t believe anything else. Although we don’t know exactly what He looked like on Earth, this is how I picture Him.

The Son of Ahv

This is the “real” Yeshua. This is how I see Him. One man vs sixy six million demons and Satan and all the people with Satan. And still so cool. Like His Father in Heaven, Yeshua was always warm, funny and loving with people. Faith like mad, love for ‘Ahvah like mad, and love for us like mad. Yeshua is alive and we are the Meshikhi, his followers. Yeshua had faith, and courage, and discipline, he was fearless and his fierce love for the people is what drove Him on and you don’t know anything about Him. But He gave everything He had on that cross and impossibly while being tortured by Satan and the demons. He had so much love for people that He talked to the man on the cross next to Him who put faith in Him at the last moment and it gave the man hope that He would be in Yeshua’s Kingdom.
Luke 23:43 And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise. Honour Yeshua but do not bow down to Him or He will consider you a worker of lawlessness.

What Yeshua wants. To help as many people as possible to be saved and to magnify ‘Ahvah His Father above everything. See how humble He is.