The Truth of God

I am just a servant girl of Yahavah, Our Father in Heaven.  I am an acting as an administrative assistant for Yahavah. I am not “The Secretary” in the Bible. Really we are just a Father/daughter team. The information on this website is absolutely the only source to believe completely, as there are agents of Satan who could share it with the public or alter it.

Yahavah is the one making it possible for us to understand what is happening here in Ottawa, Canada and worldwide.


This is what I understood when I looked up the Hebrew word for love, ahavah. It fit the Hebrew Tetragrammaton, God’s Name represented by 4 letters YHVH in Hebrew, perfectly. It also contains the word “av” which means “Father”

Yahavah is God

Yeshua is the Son of God. Yeshua is “Lord”

Two people. That’s all.

We have a body, we are made in God’s image, that is scriptural.

We are His children, His progeny, this is also scriptural.

God has a body, He has throne in Heaven, also scriptural.

There is an emerald green rainbow around God’s throne.
It’s God’s favourite color.

Revelation 4:3 And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. ~NASB

Proof. What the Bible calls “the sky phenomenon” is a masterpiece, signed by God. We never tire of looking at it because it changes every moment. Look up “green flash” in a search engine. It is God’s signature in emerald green best seen over Hawaii at sunset. Proof of Genesis 1:1. I glimpsed it from Ottawa, Canada while doing research into the natural light spectrum. I wanted to know if the Internet research I was doing would be a problem for the environment because the Internet was in it’s early stages and I would affect it worldwide. Energy through the air was a concern. I explained it to an Electrical Engineer with 30 years experience and He was scared of it. He drew what I described to him on a blackboard, a ribbon in the air that looked like the infinity symbol. I was concerned that it would warm natural moisture in the air and energize hurricanes. A hurricane would become a tempest hurricane, a violent hurricane, never imagined by a paleoclimatologist in our time period that we live in. It would like a gigantic anvil. The force of it would pulverize and flatten everything under it. The infinity symbol that the electrical engineer wrote on the board, was the combination of a positive and a negative sine wave, forming the infinity symbol, one on top of the other in the air. A hurricane that looks and acts like a tornado. Imagine Hurricane Katrina with that kind of force but bigger, a category unknown. When a hurricane encounters absolute energy in the air what do you think will happen? It will precipitate this event. Probably like plasma if lightning is occurring at the same time. A plasma storm is possible. They say a hurricane cannot exit for long over land, but when is a tornado like structure, it can. As long as there is energy in the air, it will. This is the end of my presentation about energy through the air. God has said, that a plasma storm is not possible yet, but it will be with the type of energy you are planning to put in the air. Satan had also blown out one of the computer monitors I was working on and this is confirmed by Yahavah Himself. I watched the sunrise and sunset carefully for 30 days. I also noticed something about the Earth wobble and I noted it as part of the Earth’s timing mechanism.  There was a slight variation.  (see the bottom of this page about The Bandwidth Eliminator)

The green flash seen best in Hawaii is proof of Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning “God” created the heavens and the earth.

Satan was going to try to fool the experts into believing that the title God in Aramaic was Aloha with a translation that seemed perfect. The accurate title of God in Aramaic is Alaha and nothing else. Satan’s plan was to attack me by saying Aloha in a funny voice. I would laugh at him as I usually do and you would think that I was laughing along with Our Father in Heaven Yahavah. It was trick, but Yahavah warned me years in advance and I put it all together at the right moment. I did not believe that it was aloha. Do you see the connection with God’s Signature on the sky phenomenon? God’s Name is Yahavah. God is a title. The word “God” in Aramaic is “Alaha” and only Alaha. Everything has been confirmed by Yahavah Himself.

Yeshua is The Son God

Satan also wanted you to believe that the Name of The Son of God is Jeshu. It is not Jeshu. The Name of The Son of God is Yeshua for a certainty.

The name the Son of God was called when he was alive on Earth was Yeshua pronounced ye-shu’-uh and means “Salvation”. I learned the Galilean Aramaic alphabet to be sure of it. You can too if you have any doubt. Yeshua is in a Western dialect of Aramaic. Isho is in an Eastern dialect.

Galilean Aramaic (increasingly referred to as Jewish Palestinian Aramaic) is a Western dialect of Aramaic. Its closest contemporary cousins were Samaritan Aramaic and Christian Palestinian Aramaic (CPA), all of which share similar features. While there are a number of modern Eastern Aramaic dialects, the only dialect of Western Aramaic that survives to this day is spoken in the three villages of Ma’loula, Bakh’a, and Jub’addin in Syria (collectively known as the Ma’loula dialect).

The term Galilean dialect generally refers to the form of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic spoken by people in Galilee during the late Second Temple period, for example at the time of Yeshua and the disciples, as distinct from a Judean dialect spoken in Jerusalem.

The Aramaic of Yeshua, as recorded in the Gospels, gives various examples of Aramaic phrases. The New Testament notes that the pronunciation of Peter gave him away as a Galilean to the servant girl at the brazier the night of Yeshua’s trial (see Matthew 26:73 and Mark 14:70).

Early Syriac alphabet form of the name of Yeshua. This represents a consonantal spelling YŠW`. When systems of vowel annotation were developed after 500 A.D., the Eastern Syriac pronunciation of this name emerged as [īšōʕ], while the Western Syriac pronunciation emerged as [yešūʕ]. The original pronunciation in 1st century A.D. Judean or Galilean Aramaic (not a Syriac language) was almost certainly [yēšūʕ] (corresponding to Tiberian Biblical Hebrew [yēšūaʕ]). Note: The letter ` or sound [ʕ] represents a voiced Pharyngeal consonant.

English: Isho or Eesho: Name of Yeshua in Aramaic
Early Syriac alphabet form of the name of Yeshua. This represents a consonantal spelling YŠW`. When systems of vowel annotation were developed after 500 A.D., the Eastern Syriac pronunciation of this name emerged as [īšōʕ], while the Western Syriac pronunciation emerged as [yešūʕ].


Pray with me

The Lord’s Prayer Translated from Aramaic

Matthew 6:9-13

ܗܟܢܐ ܗܟܝܠ ܨܠܘ ܐܢܬܘܢ
Thus therefore pray

ܐܒܘܢ ܕܒܫܡܝܐ ܢܬܩܕܫ ܫܡܟ
Father in Heaven, sanctify your Name

ܬܐܬܐ ܡܠܟܘܬܟ ܢܗܘܐ ܨܒܝܢܟ ܐܝܟܢܐ ܕܒܫܡܝܐ ܐܦ ܒܐܪܥܐ
Bring your Kingdom into existence, your will, as in Heaven also on Earth

ܗܒܠܢ ܠܚܡܐ ܕܣܘܢܩܢܢ ܝܘܡܢܐ
Prepare the bread we need today

ܘܫܒܘܩ ܠܢ ܚܘܒܝܢ ܐܝܟܢܐ ܕܐܦ ܚܢܢ ܫܒܩܢ ܠܚܝܒܝܢ
Forgive my debt as I also forgive my debtors

ܘܠܐ ܬܥܠܢ ܠܢܣܝܘܢܐ ܐܠܐ ܦܨܢ ܡܢ ܒܝܫܐ ܡܛܠ ܕܕܝܠܟ ܗܝ
It is right to deliver the destitute from trial because of your Name

ܡܠܟܘܬܐ ܘܚܝܠܐ ܘܬܫܒܘܚܬܐ ܠܥܠܡ ܥܠܡܝܢ
Kingdom power and glory, forever, forever

In the Name of Yeshua


The Way of Salvation (Acts 19:9)

We only love.

One Lord, Yeshua – Historic announcement 2020-03-04 8:01pm EST

The word ransom in the Bible refers to the Sacrifice of Yeshua. It means the purchase price for our lives. The Sacrifice of Yeshua fulfills the account of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible.

I am a human messenger of God. I simply want everyone to understand that Yahavah is their Father personally as I do so you may pray with confidence in the name of Yeshua. He will help you with any problems you have in your life. Whatever you pray for, Yeshua will provide as long as it is God’s will. This is the arrangement of God for His Kingdom in the hands of Yeshua, who has absolute power, EXCEPT FOR PRAYER.  If you are not a worshiper of Yahavah and you are talking to anyone in prayer, it is not God or anyone in Heaven, but Yahavah hears your prayers anyway and will try to help you out of the snare of the birdcatcher, Satan.

Alternative to Energy Through The Air For Communications

Bandwidth Eliminator (bandwidth reduction through efficiency of processes)

Set Gateway to on Linux

Set Web Server to

Access via IP Address from ISP on port 80

Example: to is internal/ is external

Internal address and external address at the same moment

To begin with in 1995 I discovered that the Internet backbone
operated at 17volts and 12volts. I had already discerned that
my configuration was optimal and then I knew why.


NEC Laptop 486/33sl with 475Mhz processor with 95Mhz bus speed
with the Gateway set to


Equals 5

The 5 turned out to be 5 volt core of the 486sl processor
as well as the differential between 17volts and 12volts.

The 486 with 5volt core was faster for Internet communications
than subsequent low voltage processors at higher speeds. Obviously,
the role of the 5volt core was not known by any technology
company at the time and until the present.

5volt core processor is the optimum for Internet communications.

A 28.8 modem was used on an RJ11 (Pots) connection.

The phone line had no services on it that would normally
cause interference. For the same reason, solid state
drives only should be used or a ram drive for extreme speed.

The optimal is a dry line, with the energy required coming
from the computer. Phone companies could still lease the
use of the lines.

The theoretical foobity circuit is in fact a reality.

Two 28.8 modems, each with it’s own IRQ are used.

A splitter from the RJ11 wall jack is used to connect the
two modems to the phone line.

A 25 foot shielded RJ11 cord was used for attenuation.

A reverse foobity circuit is more powerful, amplifying
the signal.

Two phones lines are connected to two separate RJ11 wall jacks
and a splitter is used to connect to one 28.8 modem in the
computer. That is the reverse foobity circuit that demonstrates the

Ideally, two wall jacks connected to two modems, each on it’s
own IRQ, would be ideal, but is not currently practical because it is not
how most households can be configured. Usally it’s one RJ11 wall jack per wall.


Images are captured as eps graphics which vectorizes them
and then encoded and transmitted as PNG-8 graphics. PNG-8 is the
most efficient way to reduce the size of the graphics for
transmission over the Internet, The files do not need to be
saved if the PNG encoding is in a codec or the
output is streamed via CGI. This was discovered in 1995
due to the NOSAVE feature of the Netscape Navigator web browser
for the IMG tag in html.

JPG images can be used, but the best results occur when the
captured image is 100% quality. Otherwise, image artifacts
and pixelation are the result.

PNG-8 128color images can be created directly from the camera ouput
and transmitted but it’s not the same experience as eps to PNG-8 128color/8bit depth.

At the time, a white background was used because it triggered
the whitespace compression in the browser. However, through
analysis of the video, it was discovered that the optimum
background color for transmission was grey, using a Haupagge
Video capture board with the Following settings.

Brightness 140
Contrast 120
Saturation 81
Hue 121

This was a filter that allowed the video camera to compensate
for the blue glass in corporate office buildings. It made the
blue glass seem transparent.

This is the most efficient way to send video over the Internet,
but with PNG-8 128 colors 8bit depth, the background can be transparent which is even
more efficient.

Audio is MP3 encoded.

The principle that makes everything work is that the electrons
at such great speed, spin along the phone line defying gravity.

The formula for gravity is the speed of light divided by pi.
This can be confirmed at

This is how Internet Communications at the speed of gravity waves
is achieved.  The speed of light divided by pi.


I received a sign from Yahavah some time ago that it was time to stop energy through the air. I recalled it today and the Bandwidth Eliminator has been approved for use. is all about becoming a Follower of the Messiah and learning to follow Him more closely.