The Sea Monster


Ezekiel 29:3, Ezekiel 32:2, Isaiah 27:1

Yahweh is God.

There are people who put in an “O” in the Name and called Him “Yohweh”. And then went on to say He is the false god Jupiter. The Samaritans did this in “their” temple. That’s the funny thing about Satan, He “always” overplays his hand and He touched the name of Our Father and it is known where this originated. And it gives away Our Father’s Name. Yohweh is more of a blaspheme than you can imagine. In ancient language the “O” is a sexual symbol representing the female and particulary, the womb. Yes, it’s true. That is what they have done to Our Sacred Father in Heaven. Further read the Page “The Battle of Yah” to see the scope of the attack on Our Father and the Bible. The thoughts about Our Father and His Son on this website are true, only remember that Yahweh is Our Father and Yeshua is Lord.

Yah is Our Father, not Ya in Aramaic. Meshikhi are not to look at the Aramaic Scriptures or want them. Or they will seduce you into wanting the one known as Alaha. In Aramaic the word for Our Father is Alaha. In Hebrew Alaha means “goddess”. I have identified this goddess as Yemoja (pronounced Yemo-ya).

In some languages hav means “sea”. Do use this in the Name of Our Father in Heaven. Do not be tempted to use havah in the Name of Our Father in Heaven either. It is a message from Our Father about the great sea monster that the Meshikhi are bring up for a look by the Kings of the Earth.

Strong’s H163 – אַהֲוָא ʼAhăvâʼ, a-hav-aw’; probably of foreign origin; Ahava, a river of Babylonia:—Ahava.

Ezekiel 29:3

Speak these words: ‘This is what Jahweh says: “Here I am against you, Pharʹaoh king of Egypt, The great sea monster lying among the streams of his Nile, Who has said, ‘My Nile River belongs to me. I made it for myself.’

Ezekiel 32:2

“Son of man, sing a dirge concerning Pharʹaoh king of Egypt, and say to him, ‘You were like a strong young lion of the nations, But you have been silenced. You were like a sea monster, thrashing about in your rivers, Muddying the waters with your feet and fouling the rivers.’

Isaiah 27:1

In that day Jahweh, with his harsh and great and strong sword, Will turn his attention to Le·viʹa·than, the gliding serpent, To Le·viʹa·than, the twisting serpent, And he will kill the monster that is in the sea.

In Hebrew הָו (hav) and הָוָ (havah) the word “hu” in English. HU is associated with Ekenkar. Google Ekenkar hu there are about 600,000 results.

Do you still think Yahu is a good idea, O Israel? How about Yahavah?

In The Aramaic Scriptures the final words of the Lord on the cross were “Alaha, Alaha, why did you leave me?” Be horrified O Israel.

The Seduction of Israel

Genesis 1:1 Torah אלהים is singular masculine, The first letter is silent. אלהים means Our Father in Heaven. Like the Tetragrammaton, do not attempt vowels at this time. If it indicates anything but that He is Our Father and Our Life and that He is singular masculine, you will be fighting against Our Father in Heaven Yahweh. If you are a Karaite put faith in the Messiah Yeshua and join us in sanctifying Our Sacred Father in Heaven Yahweh.

Alahayəm אָלָהָיָם means goddess of life. Alaha אָלָהָ in Hebrew means goddess. יָהָוָה Yahavah Ya, The Living One. אָלָוָהָיָם El and Ya

Look at the vowels O Israel. Look at those symbols and be horrified. Who would doubt it O Israel? Would you change your name to Yarusalem? No, O Israel. Pray at this time. And see


Use this search engine


אֱלְֱ el
אֱלְֱה goddess
אֱלְֱהְֱ goddess
אֱלְֱהְֱיְֱ Divine One
אֱלְֱהְֱיְ Divine One
אֱלְֱהְֱיְ Divine One
יְֱם The Sea

Do you know El O Israel? Supreme god of the Caananites?

First, search for אָלָהָ Alaha in Hebrew, then select “goddess”. The second image is the actual page.


El is the supreme god of the Caananites and completes everything.

אָלָוָהָיָם El and Ya and how it works is this.

الله Allah and אלוהים El (vocalized)

אָלָוָהָיָם Alohim and يا إلهي Ya Elahi (Ya and El together)

Allah and El (vocalized)

El and Ya

Now read the website knowing what you know above. The intricate plan of Satan is obvious and so well devised I almost missed it, but Satan always overplays his hand and would not relent against me. So I appealed to Our Father in Heaven in the Name of Yeshua and now I’m fine.

Also, we are leaving G-d alone for the moment because there is much to comprehend for people and it would be too much for them. But for Meshikhi, just say “Our Father in Heaven” instead of G-d. Yahweh is Our Father in Heaven.

Note: There are 110,000 results in Google with the name yaweh without the h. Yemoja(Yemo-ya’) and Yima are a reality, not only a few are affected. Be careful and only worship Jahweh (pronounced Yahveh. ahv is “father” in Hebrew. It’s /v/ sound. It has to be. They stole it from us or they forgot that He is Our Father in English. They split it up into Ya and weh and Yah and weh. Where’s ahv? No way Jose’ will I accept anything less than ahv, Father. Yahveh is Our Father in Heaven. Do not listen to experts, they know nothing about Our Sacred Father in Heaven or about His Son Ye’shua and how to say their Names. Yah is just a poetic thing in the Torah. Whatever language you speak, make sure the full Name of Our Father sounds like “Father” to you. But in English say Yahveh and accept nothing less. It just so happens the aw sound in English is the אוו av (pronounced ahv) sound in Hebrew. Bing translate aw to Hebrew.


Sex and Symbolism in language is dangerous when associated with God and His Name as represented by the Tetragrammaton.

Origin of the letter “O” in Jehovah. Yima’s “ ring ” for creating life, or the womb or woman (the man who has the womb), creating the name IHOH, a false God of the Roman religion that incorporated Christianity. In some Roman Colonies the /i/ in IHOH was replace with a /j/ creating JHOH.

There is no other reason to use an /o/ in the Name of Our Sacred Father in Heaven. It is not in the Torah and I am Meshikhi and will not bow down to JHOH.

Although imperfect, The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religion by By James B. Hannay 257 Pages, Published 1996 ISBN ISBN 0-7873-0369-0, does have merit and I credit him for looking at everything in existence to find out the problem with religion.

The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religion [PDF]

The false god Yima is involved.

It’s a major literary work, but might have the affect of destroying the Bible itself if not understood with discernment.

In semitic language Abwun means “Merciful Father” not “Womb Father”. Some Aramaic references have Abwun at the beginning of the Lord’s prayer. It’s all about Yemoja and trying to say that Our Father has a feminine side or is a woman. [PDF]

All glory to Our Father for this understanding and His great mercy to deliver His people from Satan.

Furthermore, we will not associate Yeshua with the name Yehoshua. No “O” associated with Him either.

Words that people translate to spirit. Instant blaspheme against Jahweh.

roah רֹוח would create Jahwah/Yahvah – Yah/Father/Living
rovih רֹוִח would create Jahwih/Yahvih – Yah/Father/Living

rueh רּוֶח would create Jahweh/Yahweh- Yah/Father/Living

Do want the O?

The correct words O Israel are Yah, Father and Spirit. Jahweh – Yahveh in English. רּוֶח ruweh creates Jahweh – Yahveh in English

Now listen to the Messiah O Israel. He said, Pray this way, “Our Father in Heaven”, not Yah Father, not Spirit Father, Not Yah Spirit, not Father Spirit. Use your reasoning power and thinking ability O Israel.

Oh, btw, the Torah has no vowels, O Israel.

It’s not mother Israel. It’s just Israel.

Are your eyes opened yet O Israel?

Are you a mother O Israel?
Jerusalem above is Our Mother, not on Earth. It’s scriptural,
it’s in the Bible (Galatians 4:26), referring to Heaven.

Are you speechless yet O Israel?

Read about The Battle of Yah.

With love.