Bandwidth Eliminator Research

During research into the natural light spectrum. I wanted to know if the Internet research I was doing would be a problem for the environment because the Internet was in it’s early stages and I would affect it worldwide. Energy through the air was a concern. I explained it to an Electrical Engineer with 30 years experience and He was scared of it. He drew what I described to him on a blackboard, a ribbon in the air that looked like the infinity symbol. I was concerned that it would warm natural moisture in the air and energize hurricanes. A hurricane would become a tempest hurricane, a violent hurricane, never imagined by a paleoclimatologist in our time period that we live in. It would like a gigantic anvil. The force of it would pulverize and flatten everything under it. The infinity symbol that the electrical engineer wrote on the board, was the combination of a positive and a negative sine wave, forming the infinity symbol, one on top of the other in the air. A hurricane that looks and acts like a tornado. Imagine Hurricane Katrina with that kind of force but bigger, a category unknown. When a hurricane encounters absolute energy in the air what do you think will happen? It will precipitate this event. Probably like plasma if lightning is occurring at the same time. A plasma storm is possible. They say a hurricane cannot exit for long over land, but when it is a tornado like structure, it can. As long as there is energy in the air, it will. This is the end of my presentation about energy through the air. A plasma storm is not possible yet, but it will be with the type of energy you are planning to put in the air. I now understand the principle. The effect is electromagnetic. The amp chases the volt. During my early research, I watched the sunrise and sunset carefully for 30 days. I also noticed something about the Earth wobble and I noted it as part of the Earth’s timing mechanism.  There was a slight variation.  (see the bottom of this page about The Bandwidth Eliminator)

Windows Desktop Phenomenon

Alienware Core i7 Laptop

Photoshop CS2 Only web colors at 60.020Hz view over a graphic on a web page. Possible image seen.

WIFI not the problem


Right click desktop
Select Graphics Properties
Select Display
Set Refresh Rate 48Hz (from Refresh Rate found at 60.020Hz)
See if this clears up screen flicker

Set screen to 60Hz in Windows (doesn’t say 60.020Hz)

Red 153
Green 204
Blue 204
Enter color #99cccc

Move slider to 81

Watch this and you’ll see the problem.

Right click desktop
Select Graphics Properties
Select Display
Set Refresh Rate 60Hz

Try the following for video capture that can see through tempered glass with blue tint in corporate buildings. We had this type of windows where I was conducting my research for a safe and inexpensive Internet Video/Chat for people to enjoy with a profanity filter, and to make a living. Research results indicated it was not to do, at least not at that time without sufficient assurance of safety, so I abandoned my research.

Hauppage Video Capture Board Settings with Sony Video Camera

Brightness 140

Contrast 120

Hue 81

Saturation 121

These settings are based on a celestial star pattern deliberately. You will see it when you find the setting.

I remember these settings from 1990’s video research into transmitting video over the Internet. See the page The Truth of G-d.

Different results every time.

Move slider to 81

Click on Custom color
Click on More
Red 143
Green 207
Blue 191
Enter color #8FCFBF (if you enter only this color
you get different rgb values)

Soft green color

Photoshop CS2 Only web colors

Red 153
Green 204
Blue 204
Enter color #99cccc


Watch this and you’ll see the problem.

Right click desktop
Select Graphics Properties
Select Display
Set Refresh Rate 60Hz

Upper left hand corner of screen, something happening, likely a cursor, because it’s actually a DOS prompt.

Select cancel.

RGB to Hex color converter

Go to https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/color/rgb-to-hex.html

Red 153

Green 204

Blue 204



Click on Custom color
Click on More


Examine upper left corner carefully. There is a little box. It does not show up in a Print Screen Capture. Watch the illusion around the screen. Open Windows Notepad and see the great illusion come to life. Look at the edge of the Notepad box. It’s A DOS box shadow, or is it?.

With this setting you are seeing astigmatism if you have it.

Right click Desktop
Click on Custom color
Click on more
Red 153
Green 255
Blue 255
Color Code #99FFFF

If you do the following you will lose your settings. We are not responsible if you do this and you might violate a copyright that does not belong to We only love.

Click on Custom color
Move slider all the way to the left
Click on Done

Something going on at 4ebb memory address. Not sure of origin of memory chips in this machine or if they are the origin of the signal. The machine keeps crashing and restarting with the message, “The amount of memory on this machine has changed”, so I click “Continue” to get back into Windows.

Where to set 48 Hz that clears flicker

How to change monitor refresh rates in Windows 10 | Windows Central
Right click Start Button
Open Settings.
Click on System.
Click on Display.
Click the Advanced display settings link.

“Display adapter properties For Display 1” is where I set refresh to 48 Hz originally. Select “Monitor”

Screen refresh rate (Hz) 60.020 Hz

Right click Desktop
Select Display
Select Refresh Rate 60p Hz

Anomoly 60p Hz.

Switch from 60p Hz to 48p Hz and back.

Phenomenon disappears.

Final result

60.020 Hz no longer exists until you try both methods again, and video signal is now alternating between 60 and 48.

Lost video signal until I used Fn Brightness on the keyboard to 60%. Keep looking until you find it. Don’t believe anything about it except that it is of human origin.

Security Agencies

Try and add permission for yourself to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

In my case, my email address popped into the list of users.

Then check IPV6 Connectivity at this site


Extremely unusual.

After Skype meeting with Meet Now, microphone still active. Check system tray, Hover over the small icons, look for microphone, click on microphone and turn off.

399 ppi png (scales to any size without artifacts)

Place inside a scalable html window, any size even full browser screen.

Red 153

Green 204

Blue 204


at 60 Hz / 60p Hz


at 48 Hz

Alternative to Energy Through The Air For Communications

Bandwidth Eliminator (bandwidth reduction through efficiency of processes)

Set Gateway to on Linux

Set Web Server to

Access via IP Address from ISP on port 80

Example: to is internal/ is external

Internal address and external address at the same moment

To begin with in 1995 I discovered that the Internet backbone
operated at 17volts and 12volts. I had already discerned that
my configuration was optimal and then I knew why.


NEC Laptop 486/33sl with 475Mhz processor with 95Mhz bus speed
with the Gateway set to


Equals 5

The 5 turned out to be 5 volt core of the 486sl processor
as well as the differential between 17volts and 12volts.

The 486 with 5volt core was faster for Internet communications
than subsequent low voltage processors at higher speeds. Obviously,
the role of the 5volt core was not known by any technology
company at the time and until the present.

5volt core processor is the optimum for Internet communications.

A 28.8 modem was used on an RJ11 (Pots) connection.

The phone line had no services on it that would normally
cause interference. For the same reason, solid state
drives only should be used or a ram drive for extreme speed.

The optimal is a dry line, with the energy required coming
from the computer. Phone companies could still lease the
use of the lines.

The theoretical foobity circuit is in fact a reality.

Two 28.8 modems, each with it’s own IRQ are used. One modem is set to transmit only, the other modem is set to receive only. (They can share IRQ 9). The transmit modem is always polling, keeping the line open and maintaining the connection (emitter). The receive modem is always set to auto-answer (receiver). This is how the circuit is created between two computers on the Internet. Overall the Internet becomes like a massively parallel CPU. For patent purposes prior art is the telephone. The PC can be asleep and be set to wake up when there is activity on the modem. The person calling only has to speak, example “Hello Tiffany, are you there?” and wait for a response.

A splitter from the RJ11 wall jack is used to connect the
two modems to the phone line.

A 25 foot shielded RJ11 cord was used for attenuation.

A reverse foobity circuit is more powerful, amplifying
the signal.

Two phones lines are connected to two separate RJ11 wall jacks
and a splitter is used to connect to one 28.8 modem in the
computer. That is the reverse foobity circuit that demonstrates the

Ideally, two wall jacks connected to two modems, each on it’s
own IRQ, would be ideal, but is not currently practical because it is not
how most households can be configured. Usually it’s one RJ11 wall jack per wall.


One computer emitting 1’s over internet protocol response from the other computer is 0. In communications terms this is known as mark/space. Spaces are transmitted (1’s). Response is mark (0). For patent purposes prior art is modulator/demodulator (modem). RJ11 (POTS) on IRQ 9 is used for the connection to the wall jack. A modem is not needed but can be used as a digital analog converter, converting 1’s to and 0’s to spaces and marks respectively. (a separate patent, this is BANDWIDTH ELIMINATOR over existing infrastructure). Your phone number is matched to your IP address. You only need to remember your phone number or know the phone number of the person or business you are calling. This can be added to your contacts list.

Key: The only energy required is supplied by your computer’s power supply. But really all that’s needed is a battery.

Anything that produces electrons is all that’s needed for the communications. Computing power comes from any 5volt core processor connected to the Internet. More bandwidth is not the answer to the problem.


Images are captured as eps graphics which vectorizes them
and then encoded and transmitted as PNG-8 graphics. PNG-8 is the
most efficient way to reduce the size of the graphics for
transmission over the Internet, The files do not need to be
saved if the PNG encoding is in a codec or the
output is streamed via CGI. This was discovered in 1995
due to the NOSAVE feature of the Netscape Navigator web browser
for the IMG tag in html.

JPG images can be used, but the best results occur when the
captured image is 100% quality. Otherwise, image artifacts
and pixelation are the result.

PNG-8 128color images can be created directly from the camera ouput
and transmitted but it’s not the same experience as eps to PNG-8 128color/8bit depth.

At the time, a white background was used because it triggered
the whitespace compression in the browser. However, through
analysis of the video, it was discovered that the optimum
background color for transmission was grey, using a Haupagge
Video capture board with the Following settings.

Brightness 140
Contrast 120
Saturation 81
Hue 121

This was a filter that allowed the video camera to compensate
for the blue glass in corporate office buildings. It made the
blue glass seem transparent.

This is the most efficient way to send video over the Internet,
but with PNG-8 128 colors 8bit depth, the background can be transparent which is even
more efficient.

Audio is MP3 encoded.

The principle that makes everything work is that the electrons
at such great speed, spin along the phone line defying gravity.

The formula for gravity is the speed of light divided by pi.
This can be confirmed at WolframAlpha.com.

This is how Internet Communications at the speed of gravity waves
is achieved.  The speed of light divided by pi.

To the governments of this world. Satan is utilizing the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum). See the page titled The EM Spectrum for details. All bandwidth may be eliminated by employing a 25 foot shielded RJ11 telephone chord for attenuation at the RJ11 phone jack. Using cache to cache technology and a 1 second delay on the line. The power is supplied by the computer power supply itself, none is required on the line. Big energy is not required for communications. The same technology that produces the atomic watch signal may be used with approval from God for now for communications. A 5 volt differential (the differential between 17volts and 12volts) for the computer is all that is required. For example 475Mhz divided by 75Mhz bus speed = 5 volts. A 5 volt core processor (like the x486) completes the technology required. All that is needed is a RJ11 POTS (plain old telephone system) line with no services on it, none. This will eliminate the Internet completely. It will be called “The Array”, a communications array. The formula for the speed of gravity that I sent to NASA is the principle used that is known as The Golden Angle. Electrons spin at such velocity along the wire that they move along the wire held in place by gravity. The electrons leave the wire and move at the speed of gravity. The speed of light divided by pi is the speed of gravity. Gravitational waves are produced by the rotation of black holes that both anchor the universal disc and rotate the universe at the same time. The Array belongs to God and the Children of God may use it with His blessing as Satan’s world is destroyed, piece by piece by me, a prophetess of God.

Only the Meshikhi will be able to produce the NATs. And all of the magic practicing priests with Satan will know and declare, it is the finger of God. Satan, like Pharoah as a bit of a humility problem. Abba is so cool, Satan is so uncool.

Note the small “s” on the word NATs. Little Satan, 5’6″ tall of nothing, taunting Y’aya, Our Abba, The God of Isra’al, yes, standing before the God of Heaven, looking stupid.

T’Yeshua, Sher. I am the woman mentioned in the Bible at Psalms 45:9,10,11 (New International Version – NIV), The wife of Yeshua.

The principles involved in creating the bandwidth eliminator to create a communications system based on the study of natural systems.



The Speed of Gravity (speed of a graviton wave) produced by the rotation of black holes which both rotate and anchor the universal disc. This equation was sent to NASA and this is the explanation of it. Y’aya, Our Father in Heaven is the only one who will authorize it’s use by The Meshikhi, the ones known as The Levites, The True Faithful and Discrete Slave of God or anyone who wants to help them. Bandwidth eliminator works on the principle of The Golden Angle referenced in the above link, using dynamic symmetry. The electrons leave the wire and spin along it at the speed of gravity.

In Binary



This is digital.

In Analog



Digital analog (Danalog) is achieved by reversing polarity of the power supply.

No Bandwidth required.

The only Bandwidth comes from the computer, none is required

on the line.

This is the source of the electrons.

The amp chases the volt is the principle.

The theory of everything, does not include God.

God is spirit, not energy.


Because of His limitless power and perfect memory, anything Y’aya can imagine can become reality. He materializes things from the infinite invisible energy environment around Him. He created everything in Heaven. This is not the same as physical energy which Y’aya created and then materialized (a new creation). Y’aya created everything including particles.

To The Meshikhi, and when Abba changes polarity of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum) only any device made by the Meshikhi will work at all. Nothing that operates by electricity in Satan’s World will work at all.

Electricity produces heat. Anything that works in harmony with creation produces no heat at all and does not affect the natural balance of nature including climate.

Bandwidth Eliminator works in harmony with the Earth, not against it.

At this time, Bandwidth eliminator may be used with permission from Abba.

The example is the atomic watch and the time signal, the most elegant form of communications possible on Earth and will not harm the Earth.

For the electric car, the rotation of the wheels of the car generate electricity, and charge the battery at the same time. Only a sufficient battery to start the vehicle moving is needed, Once the vehicle reaches 60kpm, the rotation of the wheels of the car, take over from the battery and power the vehicle.

Only a switch is needed to change from battery power to power generated by the rotation of the wheels.

All of these things are “my” ideas only. They belong to no one else.

I belong to God and no one else.

I am living by the scriptural principle. I am content with sustenance and covering by God in The Bible.

1 Timothy 6:8 But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.

All of these things may be used by The Faithful and Discrete Slave of God, known as The Levites, according to a scriptural principle also, do not be afraid of money. We do not worship mammon, we are not about money.

What we have received is from God.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Meshikhi may use anything they want of these things as they wish, to magnify God above everything and to honor His Son along with Him.

Look at it this way Meshikhi. We need 8 Billion Bibles with a beautiful note in the front about Our Family. Whatever is left over is mad money. Give it away or do whatever you want to with it or both. As long as you do everything with love, it is no problem for Our Father in Heaven.

It is not a sin to have a trillion dollars nor a quadrillion dollars. It is a sin to have trillions of dollars in Swiss Bank accounts and to extort it from people who cannot afford it as religion does.

When it comes to spiritual things, the principle at Matthew 10:8 applies.

You received free, give free of cost.

Meshikhi do not charge money for priestly services, nor do we sell Bibles or anything else for profit. We don’t need money at all. Make it clear, if we need something, we pray to Our Father in Heaven, and Yeshua will provide it for us.

Y’aya is God, Yeshua is Lord.

Praise Y’aya! and Honor Yeshua!

Now you know what to do about money.

It is raining diamonds on Jupiter by The Power of God. God does not care about money at all, and neither do we.

You now know how to proceed.

We don’t worship mammon because we don’t need to and we certainly don’t want to, because we are with God.

Our Father, Y’aya. Warm, loving, wonderful to know. He’s so cool and He’s funny too! Wonderful to know isn’t it? Y’aya loves people like mad, loves it when people are funny, loves all the arts and everything we do brings glory to Him if it’s good.

Principle to use with money. Spend it only, we don’t want any back. No matter how large the purchase. Example: If you want to have a cup of tea, and the smallest bill you have is a hundred dollar bill, always say, keep the change.

If someone is homeless, give them a house. Whatever you are able to do, do. Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, also a Bible principle.

Our Father’s smile of approval and making Him happy and to give with love is our reward and treasure in Heaven and that is what it is called in The Bible. That is “our” treasure.

To whom it may concern,

If we have a quadrillion dollars, that is our business, not yours.

But we are content with sustenance and covering, as The Bible says.

We are diametrically opposite to everything of Satan’s world, because we have the sacred spirit of Our Eternal Sacred Father and we only love.

Meshikhi, if you boast, boast in Y’aya, that is a Bible principle.

Yes, boasting in Y’aya is a “good” thing to do.

Tiffany McTaggart (CD) only, authorized to do this by God.

Communications Research 291 (Military Occupation Code 291)

Canadian Armed Forces


Army of Y’aya

Note to The Meshikhi. We were double crossed, don’t try and do anything with this. Be content with sustenance and covering as The Bible says. But the principles above are correct. If anyone uses any of these things, they are thieves, not Meshikhi.

With love,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart on Earth, Sher in Heaven with Yeshua.

Don’t be blind, only have faith.

John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in Y’aya; believe also in me.~Yeshua

Remember Y’aya loves you and Yeshua loves you.